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VIVID , 3 band inductor based eq for 500 series , represents our attempt to reformulate
the well-known classic British design, increase its spatial and sonic qualities and make it
more usable for demanding tasks such as mastering applications or processing groups of
acoustic instruments. In fact, any source that contains a lot of spatial details which should
be preserved and not damaged, can benefit from the quality that Vivid offers.
The module was designed and manufactured in Serbia, by a small group of dedicated
people, including hand-wound transformers, which we are particularly proud of. The eq
module contains a specially designed input transformer, wound on an unusually large
core(similar to one that can be find in the bv08 , legendary U47 transformer). The result is increased
headroom and a very relaxed, lush and focused sound.
The entire circuit is discrete class A, and contains two custom inductors, which are also
manually produced in-house. After countless tests, we decided to use tantalum capacitors
for all couplings and in other critical places (9 of them actually), similar to what can be
seen on old Siemens devices, and this really made an audible contribution to the overall
sound impression.

How does it sound?
The sound is big, open, never aggressive.Vivid is extremely musical, and it is very easy
to find a setting that suits any material.

What can it be used on?
From vocals, acoustic instruments, equalization of ambient microphones, to stereo
material processing.You can use it on “djent” low tuned guitars or a live recorded choral
music,doesn't matter , it will always sound great and be a useful tool.


Circuit: Class A , discrete

IN: Transformer balanced

OUT: Balanced Line Driver

MID band: 300 ,720 ,1k5 ,2k6 ,4k ,6k Bell +-10dB Boost-Cut

HIGH band: Switchable 8kHz Shelving , 20kHz Bell +-17dB

LOW  band: Switchable 150Hz Shelving , 60Hz Bell +-17dB

HPF: -3 dB on 70Hz

Bypass: True Bypass


Maximum input level: +21 dBu

Maximum output level: +21 dBu

Input impedance: 10k

Output Impedance: 50

Noise: <-85 dBA

THD: 0.0058% at +10dBu

Max. current draw: 100mA

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